Thank you for your interest in the REACH Awards. Nominations for 2019 are now closed. Winners will be announced at the Reaching the Last Mile Forum in Abu Dhabi on November 19th.

Unsung Hero Award

Honors and celebrates an extraordinary individual who has played a transformative, frontline role in eliminating a disease in a region or a country and has been under-recognized for his/her efforts until this point. The selected individual will be honored for his/her commitment to life-saving public health work that has significantly improved the health and welfare of a community.

Game-changing Innovator Award

Recognizes an individual who has developed and implemented a creative technology, protocol, strategy, or practice in support of the elimination of one or multiple diseases in a region or a country. The awardee’s innovation will have addressed an unmet challenge in the field by bringing a new, impactful and practical idea to life. In addition, the awardee will have demonstrated that his/her innovation can be brought to scale to ensure that its impact is far-reaching.

Rising Champion Award

Celebrates an individual who is championing a cause impacting disease elimination. The awardee will have developed a far-reaching campaign focused on influencing health policy within his/her respective region or country through advocacy activities ranging from media campaigns to grass-roots activism. The work of this individual will have created a tangible progress in eliminating one or multiple diseases.