Dr Alia Haider
Founder and Medical Specialist, Khalq Health Clinic; Medical Officer, Lahore General Hospital

Winning the Award for Climate-Health Action is a tremendous honor. It serves as a powerful platform to amplify my message that the climate and health crises are interconnected and that addressing one is crucial for addressing the other. This award brings me one step closer to achieving my goal of eradicating waterborne diseases and making a lasting impact on public health.

Dr Alia Haider is a trailblazing public health and climate justice advocate and humanitarian from the minority Hazara community in Balochistan, Pakistan. 

She garnered attention for her decisive action during Pakistan’s devastating floods in 2022, where she organized medical teams to provide vital healthcare, clean water, and other supplies to affected communities in Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Dr Haider has also led vital research on water contamination and lead poisoning in Lahore, which brought much-needed attention to the impact of these threats to human health.

Since 2018, Dr Haider has also established free medical camps in underserved and marginalized communities. Recently, she launched two new, free health clinics which aim to prioritize climate resilience, called Khalq Health Clinics, in the working-class neighborhood of Chungi Amar Sidhu. Holding a MBBS from Taishan Medical University, she serves as the CEO of Khalq Health Clinics and is a board member of various health initiatives.