Harriet Mutaawe
Community Health Promoter, Ministry of Health, Uganda

I have dedicated my life to disease elimination because I want to live in a community where all mothers have a chance to see their children grow up as healthy citizens, and all community members have access to basic health needs and the ability to live in a health friendly environment

Harriet Mutaawe is a Community Health Promoter who provides door-to-door health services in her village of Nakitokolo in Wakiso District, Uganda. Harriet started working in community outreach in 1997 when she was recruited by Feed the Children to be a community health worker with the main role of monitoring the growth of children under the age of five in her community. Since then Harriet has always been active in providing support and health care to her community, becoming an official Community Health Promoter for the Ministry of Health in 2008. 

For most of her life, Harriet Mutaawe has fought for her remote village to receive better health services. Mutaawe has opened her door in the middle of the night to treat sick children and adults. She has ushered her neighbors through emergency procedures and accompanied them to far-away treatment facilities. She regularly hosts health seminars and visits other villagers’ homes with life-saving medicines.


Muutawe has been the main source of health education, diagnosis and treatment in Nakitokolo for many years, with the nearest health center previously located 30 km away. Knowing that health outcomes could be improved with better access to a facility, she petitioned local leaders to build a health center. She also advocated tirelessly door-to-door convincing her neighbors to join her quest. When funding fell short, Muutawe rallied the entire village to finish construction of the new health center.